Open World Program

Program overview

The program was started in 1999 by US Congress from the initiative of two famous scholars: Academician Dmitriy Likhachov and Dr. James Billington. In 2003 the program was spread to Ukraine. Open World Program is designed to enhance mutual understanding and cooperation between Ukraine and USA by providing Ukrainian leaders an opportunity to meet with their American counterparts and exchange thoughts and ideas on the most important issues.

Open World Program is the only exchange program within the US legislative branch and receives annual funding from US Congress. Thus nominating as well as participation are free for the participants. Program management is done by Open World Leadership Center at the Library of Congress Рan independent federal agency ruled by the Board of Trustees that is headed by Dr. James Billington. Open World Leadership Center offices are located at the Library of Congress.  American Councils for International Education (ACTR/ACCELS) works by contract basis with Open World Leadership Center (administration and program logistics).

Open World Program is designed for young leaders of Ukraine- representatives of different government bodies, NGOs and scholars. The program is mainly for the candidates who being rather young have already proven to be professionals in their field, displayed strong leadership skills and are interested in studying American experience and maintaining professional and personal contacts with their American counterparts after the return to Ukraine.

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